live long and prosper

Leonard Simon Nimoy was an American actor, film director, photographer, author, singer and songwriter with numerous other interests and hobbies. He was known for his role as Spock of the iconic TV series Star Trek and he lived incredibly rich life until he passed away aged 83. He is well remembered because of his and his character’s quotes including ‘Live long and prosper’.

Living longer and happier live is the corner stone of our civilization, a man invented the fire to eat healthier and live longer, a man invented the cinema to have the happier life, a man invented the science to achieve the longer and happier life. All we do is directly or indirectly connected to our desire ‘live long and prosper’.

To live long we need some basics, we need to eat healthy, we need to have normal physical activity, and we need to have lower stress level. To prosper we need a health to be able to keep the quality life and we need the proper motivational mind set to act. These are the basics. However especially in modern days exactly these basics are becoming hard to maintain. It is fact overall longevity and wealth is increasing but how? is that sustainable? It increases not because we are becoming healthier, sadly no, it increases because medicine is curing more and more diseases, or extends our lives. Overall wealth is increasing because simply the rich are becoming richer and the technology is becoming more affordable but more and more people are struggling with their daily lives.

Longaevitas is designed to assist you to maintain the basics, to teach ‘how to’, to motivate, to guide and overall to be your manual to achieve the most common human desire – ‘live long and prosper’.

In modern society eating healthy became the luxury, it is not about knowing the good receipts, fact is, that the most of products we buy are processed in a way that either they contain the chemicals or/and the vitamins and minerals are left 20% only compare to its origins.

Longaevitas provides some smart diet rules those will improve the quality of your life significantly. We can not change the way how food is proceed nowadays but we recommend the LifeCode, the natural supplements to our daily meals to make sure our body gets enough minerals and vitamins it needs.

Longaevitas is based on Yoga, it is not a panacea, it is just another smart solution to provide our body with necessary physical activity, it only needs 5 to 10 minutes of daily indoor exercise while gifts us with great physical and immune strength in exchange.

Longaevitas strongly believes in dedication, Apple is the product of great vision, dedication and belief of Steven Jobs; there are no sustained billionaires on the world without a vision, dedication and belief. What does differentiate them from others? Everyone has some vision, some dedication, some belief, the difference is exactly that, some of the people only have some of those elements, they lack the inner motivation, the inner drive, the inner trust they can achieve. Longaevitas shares only the best, time proven solutions, motivational quotes, stories from all over the world to help you to achieve your inner strength, motivate more to start believing in yourself and your visions.

We want to be your partner, we want Longaevitas to be your best friend, one you can rely and one who always assists you no matter who you are.

Longaevitas is almost completed, we are fine tuning its web presence and we hope to launch it within a year from now. Keep with us, read our news.


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