AVON signs a memorandum on charity with the Liberty Bank

Director of AVON Cosmetics Georgia MR Sergei Osadchi and CEO of Liberty Bank MR Aleksi Khoroshvili signed a memorandum.  According to the memorandum, Liberty Bank will be involved in the campaign of AVON. The campaign’s aim is to spread information about breast cancer and its way of prevention.  In addition, Avon will provide free consultation, ultrasound and mammography examinations and will diagnosis through mobile clinics. Liberty Bank has extensive network of services in Georgian market and it serves 1.5 million customers. Involving in this campaign, the bank will use its’ platform and inform the population not only in cities, also in the villages, where medicine infrastructure is not developed enough and where are no free Screening programs. Liberty Bank will provide and spread educational materials and will also inform the population about AVON’s mobile clinic’s visit in their regions. From 1992 AVON actively fights against breast cancer in the whole world.  Since 2013 AVON Georgia also joined this program.  For the charitable purpose, AVON will sell charitable product and the whole income will be appealed against the breast cancer. In 2014 AVON has bought an ultra-modern digital mammography equipment and placed it at New Vision University Hospital, where every women can have a free examination and get consultation by a qualified doctor. In addition, AVON every year has “Pink Pacing”, which serves to increase awareness about breast cancer.

Since 15 August of 2016, the company by the help of mobile clinic, started visit to the regions, where women were getting free consultation and diagnostic

Breast cancer is one of the most frequent diseases in women. Discovery of breast cancer in the early stage can be avoided from 10 to 8 women.   Regular checking and screening, decreases the risk of having cancer. That’s why it is very important, to receive information about checking methods and screening.

Within the program, women living in regions will get a free doctor consultation, also the first time will be possible take free Mammography and ultrasound examination.

“The support from Liberty Bank in this campaign is very important and worthy, because many women learn about mobile clinics service opportunity and will get educational materials about breast cancers and its’ prevention ways”- said the Director of Avon Sergei Osadchi. “We are happy, that we will take our part in this vital work. With AVON we will implement other facilities, that will improve awareness about breast cancer and its’ ways of prevention”- noted the CEO of Liberty Bank Aleksi Khoroshvili.


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