Swiss brand CIMIER wrist-watches are now available in Georgia and Armenia

Swiss brand CIMIER wrist-watches can be purchased in Georgia and Armenia on a website of direct selling company QNET (

Swiss brand CIMIER ( is young and dynamic manufacture of wrist-watches. It was established in 1924 and until 1951 it produced comparatively low-price watches under the mark of Roskopf. From 1951 until 1957 the company produced Lapanouse watches. Because of affordable prices, the quantity of production was over a million annually. From 1957 watches produced by the company were named CIMIER, but in 1985 the production was interrupted which was caused with difficulties of inheritance of company’s property rights.

In 2003 new management entered the company and in 2004 the company introduced a new collection – CIMIER 1924. CIMIER watches collection is suitable for both men and women. CIMIER’s basic collection is distinguished by classic elegance. In the collection, there are widely represented sport and daily wrist-watches which are especially characterized with modern design and the mechanism created by high technology.

CIMIER wrist-watches line-QNETCITY is especially interesting. It is created exclusively for QNET, the official partner of football team-Manchester City. Colors of Watches are Manchester City’s official colors; this collection will not leave football fans indifferent.

To see CIMIER QNETCITY wrist-watches visit site:


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