Amway Presents at UN Ideagen Summit on Gender Equality

Amway collaborated with other private and public sector organizations during Ideagen UN Empowering Women & Girls 2030 Summit, an annual event focused on advancing gender equality.

Ideagen is intended to drive collective societal impact through strategic partnerships. Those gathered at the United Nations in New York heard from Amway’s head of corporate social responsibility, Jeff Terry, who led a session highlighting the company’s work to improve the lives of women and girls. Other presenters included representatives from the European Union, USAID, the White House, Red Cross and Microsoft, among others.

Achieving gender equality is one of the current U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, as is ending all forms of malnutrition by 2030. Amway, the largest direct selling company in the world, addresses both challenges through ongoing CSR initiatives, including theNutrilite Power of 5 Campaign, which focuses on the critical need for proper nutrition during the first five years of life. The campaign supports funding and distribution of Nutrilite Little Bits, a micronutrient supplement developed by Amway scientists that supplies 15 essential vitamins and nutrients for children. During last year’s U.N. General Assembly, Terry expressed Amway’s commitment to nearly double the reach of the program by the end of 2019.

In addition to nutrition science, Amway is leveraging another of its core competencies, entrepreneurship, to promote the welfare of women and girls. In this vein, the company is kicking off a pilot program in India that will train women to start their own businesses. The program is a partnership with Healing Fields Foundation, a nonprofit that educates women living in poverty to become community health facilitators. Amway is developing new elements of the program that will help these women apply their knowledge as entrepreneurs, selling locally sourced health goods.


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